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Our Mission

We Support Our Veterans

 With any purchase of Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet CHA CHA Veterans will receive Veteran's Discount." 

 Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet CHA CHA Supports Our Veterans! We are a Veteran family, having served in the United States Military.      

Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet Cha Cha Literacy Mission

Reading proficiency is critical to improving the quality of life, therefore we are supporting literacy programs in the Detroit area for youths, adult learners and literacy providers. Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet CHA CHA will donate to literacy programs as part of our dedication to giving back to the community.

The Canning Process



Ma Pruitt’s CHA CHA recipe honors her spirit as it has been passed down through generations. Since the early 1830’s this recipe is derived from the need to harvest and preserve home grown vegetables by canning and preserving methods. It was often a family affair where family members would come together involved in the canning process. Today, Ma Pruitt's recipe is enjoyed by all.

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One thing for sure is that CHA CHA an authenic southern cuisine has been enjoyed  through out the United States and other countries for well over a 100 years.


What is CHA CHA?

CHA CHA (similar to chow chow) is a relish, condiment, sauce, marinade, chutney, spread, kimchi, garnish and topping.