Fall Harvest Urban Farms, LLC

Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet CHA CHA Salsa Mentoring and Life Skills Program

Youth Employment

Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet CHA CHA Salsa assist in employing youth to operate our product demonstrations. To meet the growing need to get our product into homes, retail, farmers markets, businesses and restaurants Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet CHA CHA Salsa provides a real life experience for youth in the Detroit area.  While supporting Detroit youth, the goal is to gain confidence in skill building, acquire higher level attributes and  resume building skills.

Youth are hungry for positive direction and guidance. Teaching life skills: Effective communication, presentation, being on time and good manners. Exposure to the world of work will help youth learn who they are, how to treat people and develop life skills.  Long term effects will prove that youth will benefit, the community will benefit and society will benefit.

Literacy Mission in Detroit

Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet CHA CHA Salsa is committed to improving youth and adult literacy in Detroit. The mission of the program is to inspire and promote positive outcomes for youths in the City of Detroit. Reading is a vital part of sustainability impacting individual and family lifestyle decisions and choices. Reading proficiency is critical to improving the quality of life, therefore we are supporting literacy programs in Detroit for adult learners and literacy providers to improve outcomes for children by helping their parents learn to read.

The Mrs. Pruitt’s Story

Mrs. Pruitt’s CHA CHA is a family recipe dating back to the early 1800’s. Grandma Pruitt better known as “Ma Pruitt”  developed the original CHA CHA recipe in the back woods of South Carolina. 


This recipe derived from the need to harvest and preserve home grown vegetables; by canning and preserving during the late summer and fall seasons.  Our vision is to market Ma Pruitt’s recipe for all to enjoy. A southern delicacy and cuisine that represents a flair of down home cooking.  We aim to incorporate and continue her life lessons that includes her guided wisdom and parables that promotes healthy eating and building strong families.


These parables or sayings are packed with wise tales and truths that will unite and connect families to work together.  Ma Pruitt would fondly say, “Don’t waste your food now!”, “Don’t talk with food in your mouth!”, “Watch your manners!” and “Eat and enjoy!”