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CHA CHA (similar to chow chow) is a relish, condiment, sauce, marinade, chutney, spread, kimchi, garnish, and topping.


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Mrs. Pruitt’s CHA CHA is a family recipe dating back to the early 1830’s.  Grandma Pruitt developed the original CHA CHA recipe in the back woods of South Carolina.  


We Honor Ma Pruitt


Ma Pruitt’s CHA CHA recipe honors her spirit as it has been passed down through generations. Since the early 1830’s this recipe is derived from the need to harvest and preserve home grown vegetables by canning and preserving methods. It was often a family affair where family members would come together involved in the canning process. Ma Pruitt loved family, laughter, respect and unity.


Kandas Wildey Grand Rapids

"Tried this at the Huntin' Time Expo in Grand Rapids and bought some right away! Very good flavor and goes great with tortilla chips."

Derek Rogers Grand Rapids



"Tried a sample at hunting expo in Grand Rapids and loved it! Very good little snack 👍🏼" 

Cary Frick



"Bought the motor city heat yesterday. Absolutely delicious. We used it this morning on toast, from a good loaf of bread. With avocado, tomato, chia seeds and fresh chopped cilantro. Amazing!"